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Essential Driving Information

Seat belts are to be worn in the front and rear of the vehicle.
Traffic drives on the right here.
If an accident occurs, one warning triangle must be placed in front of the car and one at the back.
If you need to exit a stationary vehicle on a motorway or main road, you and any passengers must wear a reflective jacket or waistcoat.
Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the front of the car unless in an approved seat or harness.
The blood alcohol limit is 50mg alcohol per 100ml blood. For drivers with less than two years’ experience the blood alcohol limit is 30mg per 100ml blood.
It is prohibited to use full headlights in built-up areas, sidelights or dipped headlights must be used. You must use dipped headlights in tunnels.
You must not sound the horn at any time in urban areas, except in an emergency. You can however flash your lights instead.
It is forbidden to use earpieces or headphones while driving. Only fully hands-free phone systems are permitted.